The First Song / Good Gifts From God

1The First Song Final Art copy
2Good Gifts From God Final Art copy

The First Song / Good Gifts From God

Genesis 1. “The First Song”. The Story of Creation. Placemat 1 of 12.

“The Bible begins, not with a science lesson, but with a song.” Our Genesis 1 placemat depicts the rhythm of God’s creative act with 6 squares, each representing a single day within the creation account. The squares are symmetrically placed with the space God makes on top, and the life God fills them with below. Our corresponding parent resource will awaken you to the poetic beauty of the first chapter of the Bible, while equipping you to engage your kids in a conversation about the beauty, wonder, and melody of God’s voice calling the universe into being.

Genesis 2. “Good Gifts from God”. Examples of God’s Good Intentions. Placemat 2 of 12.

“The Garden of Eden was more than a nice place to live for Adam and Eve – it was a gift from God.” Our Genesis 2 placemat pictures Adam and Eve in a flourishing garden, complete with flowering plants, a flowing river, and birds and beasts. The drawing shows forth the relational dynamic of the capstone to God’s good creation: human beings. Our parent resource draws on the inherent goodness of God’s gift of life so you can have a conversation with your kids about the ways in which both men and women can work together in mutual love and respect to care for both each other and the Earth.

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1The First Song Final Art copy

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