Newborn Church / Spirit, Wind & Fire

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Newborn Church / Spirit, Wind & Fire

Acts. “Newborn Church”. The Church Grows . Placemat 9 of 12.

“Although the members of the early Christian church had all been practicing Jews, their religious practices began to change as together they explored fresh ways of expressing this new faith in Jesus. There was so much to learn and think about, so much to process and celebrate together, that they didn’t just meet one day a week – they met every day, often multiple times.  Much of their time was spent teaching and remembering all that Jesus had said and done. They remembered his words about breaking bread together, about remaining connected to God through prayer and praise, about sharing with those in need, about living at peace with all people…”

Using this placemat will open opportunities to engage with your kids about the multitude of activities that followers of Jesus participate in… way more than just sitting in church.

Acts 1. “Spirit, Wind & Fire”. The Pentecost Story. Placemat 10 of 12.

“So here they sat, confused and missing their friend, but still together. Suddenly their senses were overwhelmed by a forceful presence, impossible to describe in words: a rushing wind, a hundred flames, a thousand singing voices. They laughed and cried at the sheer wonder of it, the promised Spirit come down, here, now, us…”

Using this placemat will allow you to discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in your life with your kids.

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NT9 Newborn Church-min

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