A Little Girl Lives Again / Last is Best

NT3 A Little Girl Lives Again-min
NT4 Last is Best-min

A Little Girl Lives Again / Last is Best

Mark 5 / Luke 8. “A Little Girl Lives Again”. Jesus Raises a Little Girl. Placemat 3 of 12.

“As Jesus was teaching one day, the crowds around him parted to make way for an important man. Jairus, a local leader in the Jewish synagogue, strode toward Jesus with determination in his steps and pain etched on his face. Upon reaching Jesus, the well-respected man crumbled to his knees…”

This placemat will lead to opportunities to share with your kids the relationship between our faith and God’s power.

Mark 9 / Matthew 18/ Luke 9. “Last is Best”. Jesus Explains the Logic of His Kingdom. Placemat 4 of 12.

“Seeing their confused faces, Jesus beckoned across the room to a little boy and told him to stand in their midst. The boy giggled at the rare chance to look down on grown-up faces and then ran into Jesus’ arms. Jesus swept him up into his lap and laughed. Whoever receives a little child like this in my name, receives me, Jesus told them. And not only me, but the one who sent me. The disciples again were quiet, not knowing what to make of this upside-down teaching…”

Use this placemat to help teach you kids that a posture of humility and service is of greater good than selfish ambition.

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NT3 A Little Girl Lives Again-min

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