The First African Christian / From Menace to Missionary

NT11 The First African Christian-min
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The First African Christian / From Menace to Missionary

Acts 8. “The First African Christian”. A Story of Baptism. Placemat 11 of 12.

“Philip was an apostle of Jesus, a Jew by race, religion, and culture, and recently a Christian evangelist by trade. The Ethiopian man sitting next to him in the chariot was different from him in nearly every way: a eunuch in the court of Queen Candace, Ethiopian by race and culture, and a high-ranking treasury official by trade. But the voice of God had been clear in Philip’s ears that morning…”

Using this placemat allows you to discuss with your kids how from the very beginning of the church, God has sent believers out into the world to share the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection with all people.

Acts 9, Galatians 1, 1 Corinthians 15. “From Menace To Missionary”. The Story of Paul’s Conversion. Placemat 12 of 12.

“Saul of Tarsus was a law-keeping Jew, a righteous Pharisee, and a man on a mission. He would not stop persecuting and arresting the followers of Jesus the false prophet until the whole heresy of his resurrection was put to rest for good. But while Saul was chasing his followers, Jesus was chasing Saul…”

This placemat will lead to opportunities to share how Jesus interrupts our lives at times when we are least expecting him.

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NT11 The First African Christian-min

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