Buried Treasure / Queen For A Reason

9 Buried Treasure Final Art copy
10 Queen For A Reason Final Art copy

Buried Treasure / Queen For A Reason

2 Kings 22. “Buried Treasure”. King Josiah Rediscovers the Law. Placemat 9 of 12.

From that day forward, King Josiah led the people by example: he repented from sin, humbled himself before God, and sought to love and serve the Lord.Our 2 Kings 22 placemat depicts a threefold scene in which King Josiah discovers the laws of God, weeps over them, and shares them with the people of Israel. This was a great time of rejoicing for the Israelites because it marked a return to the ways of God being placed back at the center of their worship. Our parent resource will equip you to have a conversation with your kids about how to know when we’re heading the wrong direction with our lives, and when we should turn around and place God first.


Esther 4. “Queen for a Reason”. The Story of Esther. Placemat 10 of 12.

“’I will go to the king, she promised Mordecai, head high and jaw firm. If I perish, I perish. Ultimately the king was merciful.Our Esther 4 placemat depicts a kneeling Queen Esther who pleads before the throne of the king with hopes of saving her people from destruction. To play her part in God’s story, she had to take a giant risk…even the risk of her own life! The accompanying parent resource will challenge you engage your kids in a conversation about what it looks like to have a conviction for God’s story of mercy, and how to have the resolution to be your unique self in the kingdom story.

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9 Buried Treasure Final Art copy

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