Bitter Fruit / No Ordinary Dream

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Bitter Fruit / No Ordinary Dream

Genesis 3. “Bitter Fruit”. Adam and Eve disobey God. Placemat 3 of 12.

“What if that was the best fruit and God was keeping it from them?” Our Genesis 3 placemat shows Adam and Eve wrestling with the temptation to view God’s gift of life as truly good. It illustrates their movement from doubting God’s promise, to disobedience and hiding. Our parent resource equips you to share honestly about the destructive roles that shame and blame can play in the lives of those who follow after God, and encourages you to share from your own experience as a child as well. Discussing broken trust and relationships can help families move toward more honesty, love, and reconciliation with God and each other.


Genesis 28. “No Ordinary Dream”. A Story of Jacob’s Encounter with God. Placemat 4 of 12.

He awoke, seeing himself and the ground on which he stood with new eyes, and declared, Surely the LORD is in this place. This is the very house of God.’” Our Genesis 28 placemat depicts an astonished Jacob having a dream of a ladder with a bright light, contrasted with another scene that shows Jacob commemorating his dream. This shows how Jacob’s perspective had changed from a radical encounter with God in an ordinary moment in his life: sleep. Our accompanying parent resource will give you the tools to engage your kids in a conversation about looking for God’s presence in the regular, seemingly common moments in our days.

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3 Bitter Fruit Final Art - Hi Res

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