Baptized & Beloved / Storm Commander

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Baptized & Beloved / Storm Commander

Mark 3. “Baptized and Beloved”. The Story of Jesus’ Baptism. Placemat 1 of 12.

“Like the prophets of the Old Testament, John the Baptist… preached a new message to the people of Israel. Repent! He told them. The kingdom of God is here! People flocked to hear John in the desert, and were baptized in the Jordan River in preparation for the coming kingdom he preached. Until one day, the kingdom walked right up to John…”

Using this placemat will be a catalyst to sharing the story of your baptism with your kids, as well as remind them that they are God’s children “in whom he is well pleased”.

Mark 4 / Matthew 8. “Storm Commander”. Jesus Calms a Storm. Placemat 2 of 12.

“Who is this? they nervously ask each other, but the silent, glassy surface of the lake reflects the answer loud and clear. From all the scriptures and stories of their Jewish faith they know without a doubt: no one can command the stormy waters, no one can bring calm from chaos, no one can rescue from death — no one but the Most High God…”

Using this placemat will help open up conversation about Jesus, whose voice calmed the storm, was the same voice that spoke all of creation into being.

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NT1 Baptized & Beloved-min

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