A Mighty Whisper / Brave Little Servant Girl

7A Mighty Whisper Final Art copy
8Brave Little Servant Girl Final Art copy

A Mighty Whisper / Brave Little Servant Girl

1 Kings 19. “A Mighty Whisper”. Elijah Hears from God. Placemat 7 of 12.

As the smoke began to clear, Elijah finally heard it: a whisper. Here was the Lord, in the still small voice, revealing his plans and reassuring Elijah that his work was not in vain.Our 1 Kings 19 placemat shows Elijah standing over a mountainside of great destruction. The contrast between the drab colors of the aftermath and the bright yellow and orange just beyond the horizon show forth Elijah’s choice to keep listening for God’s voice even though the situations in his life were often bleak. Our parent resource will allow you to have conversations about choosing truth over popularity, and about getting quiet enough to hear God whispering good and encouraging words to you.


2 Kings 5. “Brave Little Servant Girl”. The Story of an Unexpected Hero. Placemat 8 of 12.

“She knew the one true God, the only one with power to heal all sickness and disease. Boldly, she spoke up and told her master of this God and the prophets in Israel who served him.” Our 2 Kings placemat depicts a courageous young girl who shares the good news of God’s power to heal with a man who desperately needed to hear it. The illustration shows the man, named Naaman, rejoicing after being cleansed by the waters of the Jordan. Our accompanying parent resource will empower your kids to have the boldness to speak up for God’s goodness, even in situations where they may feel powerless.

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7A Mighty Whisper Final Art copy

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