A Brother Forgives / A Voice In The Flames

5 A Brother Forgives Final Art - Hi Res
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A Brother Forgives / A Voice In The Flames

Genesis 45. “A Brother’s Forgiveness”. Joseph’s Reunion with His Brothers. Placemat 5 of 12.

By the grace of God, a story that began with jealousy and malice now ended with forgiveness and restoration.” Our Genesis 45 placemat depicts the stark contrast between the beginning and end of Joseph’s story. The left side shows Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery, a seemingly hopeless situation. The right side shows Joseph not returning his brothers’ betrayal, but instead using his power for grace and reconciliation. Our parent resource will draw upon the themes of suffering and redemption to allow you to have a conversation with your kids about God working for good in even the most difficult circumstances.


Exodus 3. “A Voice in the Flames”. Moses’ Unexpected Meeting with God. Placemat 6 of 12.

For the first time in his life, but not the last, Moses went up the mountain, encountered God, and came down a different man.Our Exodus 3 placemat beautifully portrays Moses’ meeting with God at the burning bush…an event that changed the direction of his life for good. Our parent resource challenges you to look for God in the midst of the sharp turns in your own life, and to have conversations with your kids about becoming the type of people who allow God to change your course. This reflection challenges you to become a family who allows God to lead you to new and exciting places!

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5 A Brother Forgives Final Art - Hi Res

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