“5, 6, 7…eat” New Testament 1


NT1 Baptized & Beloved-min
NT2 Storm Commander-min
NT3 A Little Girl Lives Again-min
NT4 Last is Best-min
NT5 A Great Answer-min
NT6 An Extravagant Offering-min
NT7 Lost, Found & Loved-min
NT8 Thirst No More-min
NT9 Newborn Church-min
NT10 Spirit, Wind & Fire-min
NT11 The First African Christian-min
NT12 From Menace to Missionary-min

“5, 6, 7…eat” New Testament 1


Mark 3. “Baptized and Beloved”. The Story of Jesus’ Baptism. Placemat 1 of 12.

Mark 4 / Matthew 8. “Storm Commander”. Jesus Calms a Storm. Placemat 2 of 12.

Mark 5 / Luke 8. “A Little Girl Lives Again”. Jesus Raises a Little Girl. Placemat 3 of 12.

Mark 9 / Matthew 18/ Luke 9. “Last is Best”. Jesus Explains the Logic of His Kingdom. Placemat 4 of 12.

Matthew 22. “A Great Answer”. The Greatest Commandment. Placemat 5 of 12.

Matthew 26 / Mark 14 / Luke 7 / John 12. “An Extravagant Gift”. Jesus is Anointed. Placemat 6 of 12.

Luke 15. “Lost, Found, and Loved”. The Story of The Prodigal Son. Placemat 7 of 12.

John 4. “Thirst No More”. The Woman at the Well. Placemat 8 of 12.

Acts. “Newborn Church”. The Church Grows . Placemat 9 of 12.

Acts 1. “Spirit, Wind & Fire”. The Pentecost Story. Placemat 10 of 12.

Acts 8. “The First African Christian”. A Story of Baptism. Placemat 11 of 12.

Acts 9, Galatians 1, 1 Corinthians 15. “From Menace To Missionary”. The Story of Paul’s Conversion. Placemat 12 of 12.

There’s something inherently spiritual about sharing a meal around the table—the receiving of food that in turn nourishes and sustains us, the sharing of conversation and our lives, the opportunity to serve each other and enjoy each other’s presence…  every aspect of it, sacred. Perhaps this is why the Kingdom of God is compared in scripture to a great banquet feast and why we feel so at home around a table with people we love.

This New Testament Bundle consists of 6 double-sided 12” by 18” New Testament themed placemats that will help you maximize the potential for spiritual conversation around the table with your children. Each placemat (12 illustrations total) is illustrated by well-known artist, Jago and comes with a parent resource to equip you for the conversation.

These vibrant illustrations of New Testament stories will lead to conversations around the themes of:

  • Creativity
  • Generosity
  • Shame and Blame
  • Redemption
  • Courage
  • Life’s difficulties
  • And several others!


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NT1 Baptized & Beloved-min

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