Protected: Parent Resources

On the following pages, you will find resources specially designed to help you prepare for and maximize conversation with your children that is sparked from the “5,6,7… Eat” placemat artwork. The password needed to access the resources can be found in your email receipt.

In addition to the password protected resources, here are a few general tips for using the placemats:

  1. Become familiar with the Parent Resource for given placemat before you put it on the table. Take some time to become familiar with the Old Testament story, themes for conversation, ideas for prayer and action, as well as think of a story from your life that applies to the theme. The Parent Resources can be downloaded at checkout or accessed by the QR code on the placemat by your phone or tablet.
  2. Use the placemat at family meals. We suggest using each placemat for 2-3 weeks.

*If your child doesn’t ask questions about the placemat:

  • Move to the next one and bring that one out again, later.


  • Begin asking basic questions, like: What do you see happening in the picture on your placemat? How does the drawing on the placemat make you feel? Does that picture remind you of anything? Or any other open ended question.

When you have cycled through all of the placemats, we suggest:

  1. Passing them along to another family, your church, or maybe someone who wouldn’t be able to afford a set.
  2. Keeping them in your regular placemat rotation.
  3. Framing them and using them as pictures in your kids’ rooms.